Hands-On with The Rolex GMT-Master II “Lefty”

We’re proud to share with you today a hands-on experience with the newly released Rolex GMT-Master II Left-Handed or should we say The Green Lantern?? Or the Riddler?? Or is it the Sprite?? The nick name isn’t settled yet just as the thoughts on the timepiece, but we hope to help on that during this article. This polarizing watch was only delivered to stores in Europe a couple of weeks ago (US deliveries are expected in June 2022) and has been extremely sought after countering the initial expectation. They are currently (at the date of typing out this article) trading at roughly $60,000.00 USD, which is over five times its suggested retail price (MSRP: $11,050.00 USD). As the market has shown the watch is in very high demand despite the mixed reviews it received when it was announced back in late March 2022.  As we finally get to have it in hand and on the wrist we are surprised by how nice this watch really is, the green/black combo with the big Arabic numerals on the bezel do make a killer impression. If it was made right-handed like it’s brothers “Pepsi” or “Batman”, it would be an instant winner and have crowds unanimously celebrating it on and offline.But, being left-handed does limit wide appeal since it clearly won’t be held in consideration by everybody. It will most definitely become a “must” for anyone that’s lefthanded and a “maybe” for those that like the less common and freaky! And of course, it will have those that will wish for a right-handed version down the line that most likely will not get released.  As for the feel it’s pretty much the same as any other GMT-Master II from the reference 126710 generation (other than being opposite looking), there are no new innovations presented to this model other than the left-handed crown and matching dial. Rolex used the same movement found on the right-sided models, they were able to circumvent the need to develop a new caliber for the lefty. The steel the case is made of it the same 904L, the oyster and jubilee bracelets you can order it on are the same as well.Side note to the Green tone used on the bezel that is the same as they use on the 126610LV and the same as previously used on the 116610LV. At least for this Mark I edition of course. For more technical details you can revert to our initial article on this watch when it was released here. To discuss price upon request for this watch on a Jubilee bracelet click here or for the Oyster bracelet click here.

Bottom Line:

The watch is nice, it does improve the Rolex Catalog as there is no other left-handed watch offered, and with that said and going back to the market, we do feel rather comfortable in assuming that Rolex will probably make less of these than Pepsi and Batman models. This all combined will probably make out of this model a Classic and very desirable timepiece.  

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