Element iN Time NYC deals only with authentic and genuine timepieces. We have an ongoing  process of inspection: prior to acquiring the timepiece, during it's adding to the website and before it ships to its new owner. Everything is inspected multiple times by our knowledgeable staff to assure our clients get everything as expected. 

Altered Dials, Cases or Bracelets, Aftermarket Parts or Diamond Work

We do not stock or announce on our website any watches with aftermarket parts (movement parts/Dials/Bezels) and we don't specialize in custom set diamonds or PVD/DLC coating. We can do said work on a special request but not something you will see posted. If you have any questions please contact us.  

Straps And Buckles: 

We do use custom made straps and/or buckles on our pre-owned watches. Usually the quality mirrors the manufacturer if not better. Everything is described in the listings, and of course if you have a doubt just ask.