Swatch X Omega MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase New Moon

Two years following the debut of the Omega X Swatch collaboration, and shortly after the unveiling of the "Swatch X Omega MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase Full Moon" in white, the series has grown with the launch of a continuous edition watch: the Bioceramic MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase New Moon in black. These latest offerings are in line with the 2022 Bioceramic MoonSwatch series that represent the planets, as well as the eleven Mission to Moonshine Gold models, each equipped with a chronograph feature. The unique aspect of the Mission to the Moonphase is its moon phase function, adding an extra layer of utility to the watch. This piece is not a limited edition, but rather a constant addition to the collection.The 42mm case, which measures 13.75mm in thickness, is crafted from the same bioceramic material used in earlier collaborations between Swatch, Omega, and Blancpain. This innovative bioceramic formula combines two-thirds ceramic with one-third castor oil-derived material. This combination yields a durable and lightweight material, offering an environmentally friendlier option compared to traditional plastics.The back features a bioceramic caseback consistent with earlier versions, adorned with a battery cap that carries the theme's emblem—a moon with what is presumed to be Snoopy's paw print. Engraved below is the phrase “MISSION TO THE MOON.” Encircling the edge of the caseback are the inspiring words “DREAM BIG - FLY HIGHER - EXPLORE THE UNIVERSE - REACH FOR THE PLANETS - ENJOY THE MISSION,” encouraging ambition and exploration.Affixed around the case is a tachymeter scale that uses the familiar font and dot over ninety, mirroring the iconic Speedmaster design. The watch is outfitted with two pushers for the chronograph functions and a screw-in crown for adjusting the time. However, despite its outward resemblance to more robust models, this bioceramic case offers a water resistance of only 30 meters (98 feet), indicating its suitability for light water exposure.

Time is exhibited on a black dial with hour index markers and a white printed minute track ring.It aims to visually mimic the authentic "Moonwatch," achieving a notable resemblance despite the clear distinctions in materials and worth.

This model showcases the traditional tri-compax design with inset sub-dials. In this specific edition, a moon phase indicator occupies the position at two o'clock, replacing the hour counter found in other MoonSwatch versions. The moon phase disc features dual images of Snoopy reclining on a crescent moon, adding a unique touch.The phrase “I can’t sleep without a night light!” is inscribed in white Super-Luminova on the dial, becoming visible in low light. To complement this, the crescent moons and stars are also adorned with luminous paint. References to Swatch can be seen on the upper half of the design, subtly integrated below the Omega branding or within the unique logo of this collection. The logo incorporates Omega's horseshoe symbol, combined with an 'X' and an 'S' to represent Swatch.The central hour and minute hands, along with the indices, are infused with a green luminescent material to improve visibility in low light conditions. This green luminescence also creates a striking contrast with the blue glow from the Snoopy moon phase sub-dial.

Swatch X Omega MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase New Moon

The “Swatch X Omega MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase New Moon” (Ref#: SO33B700) is powered by a battery-powered quartz chronograph movement. Mounted on the watch is a black VELCRO© strap with tone-on-tone stitchings, plus the Omega and Swatch logo inscriptions. These watches haven’t been declared limited editions, but are only available at select stores worldwide, and customers are limited to one watch per day. For more up to date information visit the official Swatch website here.

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