Breguet Classique 7637 Répétition Minutes

The minute repeater stands as one of the most exceptional complexities ever crafted within the watchmaking industry. Abraham-Louis Breguet, often hailed as the forefather of contemporary watchmaking, introduced his initial repeating timepieces in 1783. While Breguet wasn't the originator of this mechanism, he further enhanced the original repeating watches that utilized a spring blade for striking, by using coiled gongs instead of the conventional bell-type gong.This innovation laid the groundwork for the way this complication would be produced until present-day. His method of striking a spring blade significantly amplified the mechanism's efficiency. Maison Breguet now honors the legacy of minute repeaters by releasing a new pair of the “Classique 7637 Répétition Minutes”.The 42 mm case is available in either 18k white or rose gold with finely crafted and polished surfaces, while the casebands are decorated with a fluted pattern that enriches most of its 12.35mm height. Mounted to both cases are matching gold bezels with mirror-like polished finish.On the flip-side is a sapphire exhibition caseback that reveals a richly decorated movement. The bridges and oscillating weight have all been finely hand-engraved with chamfered finishes and a Breguet spiral motif.After the movement has been put together, the process of refining the gong's sound occurs in two distinct stages: harmonic and melodic adjustments. Within a soundproof chamber exclusively designed for this watchmaking intricacy, a skilled expert initially identifies the resonant frequency of each gong. Once this fundamental note is pinpointed, additional efforts are dedicated to discovering the melody that best emulates Breguet's distinctive sound identity. Given that every timepiece is meticulously crafted by hand, the acoustic characteristics subtly vary from one watch to another, enhancing the singularity of this complication even further by making each one unique.It comes equipped with a knurled setting-crown embossed with Breguet “B” logo, while the minute repeater is activated by a long slide pusher, placed along the left-side of the case.  The long thin lugs have also been welded on with screw bars for a reinforced hold. This timepiece is not water-resistant, so proceed with caution if liquids are nearby.Time is exhibited on either a black (rose gold) or blue (white gold) glossy grand feu enamel dial with Breguet’s signature Arabic numerals, followed by a ring of dotted hour/minute index markers. A very minimalist design that is accompanied by the iconic central open-tipped Breguet hours/minutes hands made out of each model's chosen gold alloy.Despite the apparent simplicity of this dial at a first glance, its creation actually demands a specialized artistry that is upheld by only a handful of craftsmen in modern times, still capable of applying the grand feu enameling technique. This method involves a blend of silica and finely powdered oxides, which are dissolved in water and then skillfully applied to the dial through various techniques. As each layer and hue is added, the dial undergoes repeated firings at a precise temperature exceeding 800 degrees Celsius, with each firing having to be meticulously timed. As the enamel comes into contact with this intense heat, it undergoes a transformation, melting to form individual layers. The entirety of this process can sometimes extend across several weeks for the creation of one single dial.

Breguet Classique 7637 Répétition Minutes

The “Breguet Classique 7637 Répétition Minutes” (Ref#: 7637BB/2Y/9ZU in White gold or Ref#: 7637BR/2N/9ZU in Rose gold) is powered by the in-house hand-wound mechanical movement, caliber 567.2 with 31 jewels, 12 ½ lines, 368 parts, and 18,000 vph. It comes equipped with a Swiss straight-line lever escapement. Power reserve can last up to 45 hours, when fully wound.Mounted to the watch is either a black or blue alligator leather strap, secured to the wrist by a gold triple-blade B-shaped folding clasp.For more up to date information visit the official Breguet website here.

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