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We’re excited to announce that EiT has received a batch of very unique watches now available for purchase, so schedule a visit and come on over for a wrist fit. The brand we’re referring to is no other than “Wilbur”, which is named after its creator. Jason Wilbur, is a highly acclaimed designer, who possesses extensive creative and technical expertise spanning various product categories, including timepieces. His leadership extends beyond conventional design boundaries and includes the establishment of the renowned WILBUR brand. After transitioning from influential roles in automotive research and development to cutting-edge car design and innovative timepiece experimentation, Jason Wilbur became committed to shaping the future through design, utilizing any necessary means.Over a decade ago, Wilbur introduced his inaugural production watch and patented movement design, garnering a nomination for the prestigious Swiss horological award, the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG), which is often referred to as the Oscars of the Watch Industry. This recognition is highly uncommon for an American designer in an industry predominantly dominated by Swiss watchmakers, thus making this honor that much more noteworthy. From there own that event sowed the seeds of rebellion, giving rise to the birth of the WILBUR brand. Ultimately, the brand embodies the founder's unyielding spirit and defiant disposition, which you can now get to experience up close by scheduling a visit to EiT NYC.Some might be familiar with previous achievements, since Jason Wilbur’s inspiration for watchmaking initially materialized in collaboration with Devon Motorworks by introducing the revolutionary “Tread 1” model. During that period, Wilbur not only demonstrated his visionary prowess through the striking exterior design for this watch case, but the Tread 1 also introduced pioneering technology to horology, enabling time tracking and display. Plus another highly notable and commendable fact, stemmed from this timepiece having been nearly entirely crafted in the United States, instead of Switzerland where the majority of luxury watches are produced. However, despite the Tread 1, showcasing remarkable technical innovation, driven by micro-motors and utilizing belt mechanisms, among other novel approaches to watchmaking. It was tailored to a niche audience due to its premium price point of over $18,000. As a result, this made it both exceptionally groundbreaking and exceptionally rare to be seen in real life.Fast forward a few years, and with a keen sense of foresight, Wilbur expressed his desire to design a watch that would be attainable by more than just a couple of individuals in Dubai. After successfully completing various other design ventures, Jason Wilbur has now unveiled the initial installment of his eponymous Wilbur watch collection. Straying from the constraints of co-branding, Wilbur has given free rein to his creative ingenuity, elevating the modular steel framework hinted at in the Tread 1 concept to unprecedented heights.The brand's mission statement declares “We Have No Limits”. From there they go on to explain how Wilbur embodies the essence of “Advanced Individualism”, representing a departure from catering to trends, focus groups, or the pursuit of fame. It transcends the conventional notion of a brand; by instead encapsulating the enduring spirit that has propelled pioneers throughout history, from the earliest ocean-crossing wooden longboats to the present day. This historical callback and its focus on “Made in USA”, showcases how through Wilbur, the epitome of American Design is manifested, seamlessly blending artistry, emotion, and mechanics. These timepieces not only exude precision but also captivate with their sheer beauty and automobile inspirations.
Wilbur watches are crafted for souls as rugged and unrestrained as our own, these creations are more than just mechanisms for timekeeping. They function as devices that recalibrate attitudes, serving as a reminder that we carve our unique paths, guided by the call of distant horizons, just like the forefathers that built this great nation.In the words of Jason Wilbur his watches can be viewed in terms of two distinctive tiers. Since the goal of the brand was to not be price point focused the “EXP” tier is more of a “daily driver” because it's got a Swiss made workhouse movement modified and recalibrated in-house by Wilbur. The reason it doesn’t come equipped with an extravagant movement allows the brand to offer these models at a more accessible price, while retaining the same level of unique design that have garnered so much admiration for Wilbur watches.For those with less financial constraints there is also the "Leo" collection equipped with full in-house movements, that sell at another level, but they highlight Jason Wilbur’s automile background. These watches are concept car level and represent experimental timepieces that are really pushing technical limits forward through new innovations.But despite the existence of these two tiers nothing at Wilbur is created with costs in mind. The true goal is to do things based on doing them “amazingly” and “trying to break the rules as much as they can”. These watches should be viewed as sculptures, as true pieces of art, as well as technical prowess.We currently have several Wilbur watches from both tiers in stock at EiT. Those interested in getting access to this new exciting brand can sneak a peek at our current collection here, or reach out to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom and get to experience one of these innovative timepieces on your own wrist.We’ll be writing some more in-depth reviews for specific models in upcoming articles, so stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our website's home page.


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